Jamie Jacobs  Instructor/Choreographer/Tap

Jaime Jacobs is originally from  West Palm Beach, Florida. She began her dance journey at Nicole's Dance Studio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at the age of 2. It was there that Nicole Gorham created a ballet, jazz, modern, TAP and contemporary student that would become a BAK Middle School of the Arts alumni, Dreyfoos High School of the Arts alumni and professional dancer with Dance Caravan.

In her early years Jaime toured the country with a competitive team that would grow to win over 500 awards. Jaime was the first ever Access Broadway Triple Threat winner and developed a love for Tap dancing as a result. After attending college in Tallahassee, FL and spending time in New York to study her craft, Jaime returned to West Palm Beach to share her talents and special teaching style to hundred of students around south Florida.

Jaime was awarded the Spotlight award in 2012 for her choreography which which gave birth to her dance company Sole Destiny Project. Jaime hopes to dance forever and is always eager and seeking to teach as many students as she possibly can.


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805 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460