Hope Powell  Instructor/Choreographer/Acro

Born and raised in South Florida, Hope Powell began dancing at the age of two.  She studied and danced competitively in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, acrobatics and hip hop.

Hope has learned from some amazing choreographers throughout her dance career; Dustin Phillips, Darren Henson, Barry Youngblood, Katie Wiegman, just to name a few.  During her high school years at Seminole Ridge, she worked at her dance studio assisting in classes and working the front desk.  She soon began choreographing and teaching her own classes.

Hope was also on the Hawks Football Cheer Squad and enrolled in advanced dance classes during school.  For Hope’s freshmen year of college she was a Dancing E'Gal at Florida Gulf Coast University.  She is currently studying Elementary Education.

 Hopes dream is to own her own studio and to share her passion of dance with all of her students.

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805 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460